Senior Risk Manager

This certificate is designed specifically for senior managers and professionals. It aims to help develop complementary skills and expertise for Risk Management Vice President, Executive Manager or Senior Advisor roles. It contains two complementary modules:

Module 1
Risk management strategies and direction

  • Risk Governance
  • Strategic Risk Management
  • Risk Management Executive Challenges and Practices

Module 2
The integrated management of enterprise risks

  • Understanding the Main Enterprise Risks
  • Deploying Integrated Risk Management

Conditions for certification

Candidates must attend, and participate in, the certifying seminars corresponding to the two modules. They must also successfully pass the certifying examination. .


Typical responsibilities of a senior risk manager

Develop the risk management policy and strategy. Organize and manage the risk management function within the organization. Support the various risk managers and risk management services involved in risk management. Champion the acceptance of risk management by operational divisions and by employees. Preside, and participate in, risk management committees.