Candidacy and examination Senior Risk Manager Certificate

Candidacy requirements

What are the requirements to validate my candidacy?

The Senior Risk Manager certification is selective, as it is designed for professionals holding or desiring to hold positions as Senior Risk Manager, Department Manager, Director or Vice President, Risk Management.

The minimum requirements for candidacy are the following:
Present relevant professional experience:

  • Either three (3) years’ minimum experience as service manager or major project manager in an area close to or related to risk management (finance, insurance, audit, control, operations, production, environment, technology, quality, security, etc.),
  • Or five (5) years’ minimum experience in a Risk Manager or Risk Management Advisor role.

What are the next steps, once I present my candidacy?

Your file will be examined and an enrollment decision will be provided to you. This decision will be based on the level of your training and the relevance of your professional experience. If your candidacy is not accepted, a justified response will be provided with recommendations towards making your candidacy acceptable in future. If your candidacy is accepted, you will be invited to continue, that is, to participate in the two preparatory seminars and to pass the certification examination.

Must I pay fees in addition to the seminar fees for my candidacy to certification?

No, the examination fees are included in the fees for participation in the preparatory seminars.


Where and when is the certification examination held?

The examination is held in two parts. Each part is held at the end of each of the two preparatory seminars, in the same location as the seminars. Materials will be sent to you before the beginning of the seminar to help you better prepare for the examination.

What are the subjects covered by the examination?

The examination covers the subject matter taught during the preparatory seminar.

What is the format of the examination?

The examination contains multiple choice questions (MCQ), essay questions as well as case studies (risk management situations to be analyzed and managed).

How long is the examination?

The duration is 3 hours for each of the two parts of the examination.

Is documentation allowed during the examination?

No, documentation is not allowed.

What is the minimum score needed to pass the examination?

You must obtain at least 60% on the first part and at least 60% on the second part to pass the examination.

How will my results be communicated to me?

You will receive your results by email at your personal address. No results may be transmitted by telephone nor transmitted to a third party. These results remain entirely confidential and can only be transmitted to third parties under express authorization.

I have not obtained the required grade to pass the examination; can I retake it?

Yes, you will have the opportunity to retake the examination. In such a case, you will be required to pay fees for retaking the examination.


When will I receive my certificate?

Your certificate will be mailed directly to your address or via the local representative of RMC.

Continuing Education

Are there continuing education requirements attached to my certificate?

No, there are no specific continuing education requirements attached to your certificate. However, once you’re certified, special programs will be presented to you annually to help you keep your knowledge current on an ongoing basis. You will thus be entitled to receive annual complementary certificates confirming the current status of your knowledge and enhancing your certification over time.